Saturday, July 29, 2006

"We Go Vegetarian" Week

A hundred years ago, I was a vegetarian. I became a vegetarian for two reasons - one, I had a bunch of unpleasant run ins with some veins and assorted ick in some meat, and two, being in my very early twenties, I thought it would be cool. I think reason two was more motivating than reason one. I was the only vegetarian out of all my friends, so I felt pretty awesome, walking around with my Vegetarian Times magazines, and shopping at the health food stores. I also got to say things like:
"Dinner? Sure, I'd love to, but don't forget I'M A VEGETARIAN!"
"Mom? I'm coming to town to visit you for the weekend. Don't forget when you're grocery shopping that I'M A VEGETARIAN!"

Yeah, like that wasn't annoying.

I lasted longer that anyone thought that I would. And while at the time I was happy I gave into that ham sandwich, a part of me still wishes I hadn't.

People become vegetarians for a variety of reasons; health, environmental, and ethical being probably the top 3. Some believe that non-meat eaters are less likely to be overweight, and are less prone to health problems such as cancer, heart disease and strokes. That there are much higher amounts of chemicals and pesticides in meat than there are in vegetables and fruit.
Some believe that too much land, energy and water are wasted on raising livestock.
And many simply believe that raising animals to kill and eat is cruel and unnecessary.

Where I stand in all that doesn't matter, but lately I've been thinking that we (as in my household) are eating too much meat. While most of the time we eat lots of vegetables, on the whole I'd love to eat more vegetarian meals than ones including meat.

So, starting Sunday, the iliketocook household will be eating completely vegetarian for one week. As there are many interpretations of what a vegetarian can eat, we will be Lacto-Vegetarians, meaning we will eat dairy products such as cheese and milk, but will not eat eggs.

I have to say that poor Scott does not seem as excited about this as me; in fact he's been cramming meat into all his meals since I announced my plan last week. Tonight (his last chance for meat before Veg Week begins) we're going to a wedding. I think he's praying that roast beef is on the menu. It might be a loooong week.


Nerissa said...

At least Scott is willing. My guy would go pale at the very thought and refuse! Dang the French and their obsession with meat.

Pamela said...

Hat's off to you Sara!

Cyndi said...

I remember that one of my family's favorite meals was "Vegetable Sunday." Mom would cook up fried okra, boiled yellow squash, green beans with new potatoes (in the same pot), turnip greens, and cornbread (can you tell we're from Texas?). Somehow the fried okra became the "meat" and I would eat so much I'd almost explode. Don't see much protein in that meal, though. Oh, and another one was pinto beans and cornbread. Now there's some protein. It'll be fun watching what you do this week!

Ruth said...

Good luck with it. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Sara said...

Thanks guys!