Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sara's terrible, rotten, very bad, no good day

Morning -Wake up early! Decide to go to work an hour early, just to get stuff done.

Look out window. Rain. Lots of rain. Downpour.
Go out to car.
Car won't start.
Car won't start.
Car won't start.
Car won't start.
Get car started.
Start to drive to work.
Bad traffic.
Pull over to side of road to call car repair shop. (Bad mood plus lots of traffic plus heavy downpour plus cel phone= bad idea.)
STUPIDLY turn off car.
Make appointment to take car in.
Cel phone dies.
Car won't start.
Car won't start.
Car won't start.
Get car started.
Drive to repair shop.
Walk to work.
Don't pay attention and step in world's biggest puddle.
Soak sandals and pants.
Get to work 3 HOURS after you leave home.
Stuff paper towels up pants legs. Remove sandals.
Be mocked by co-workers. Tell them to shove it.
Return 9 hysterical messages from boss.
Re-schedule (for the THIRD TIME THIS WEEK) boss's flights.
Work through lunch.
Order soup from restaurant across the street.
Realize now have to go out in rain to get soup.
Go out; get soaked again.
Soup is awful; be hungry for the rest of the day.
Spend afternoon talking to irate people that are stupid.
Get call from car shop. Not a big problem!
Watch assistant limp around on crutches. Do half her work for her just so you don't have to watch her limp around on crutches.
Get second call from car shop. Big problem.
Stay at work late waiting for phone call from stupid lady who is going to call back in 5 minutes.
Realize after 45 minutes she is not going to call back.
Walk to car repair shop.
Bill is twice what they quoted you. Have moderate heart attack; give them all your money.
Make appointment for next week for them to fix other problem and to give them more money.
Drive home in traffic jam.
Stop by grocery store to pick up dinner.
Go home.
Spill stinky garbage all over kitchen floor.
Call from Scott. He going out for beer after work. Will see you later.

Make dinner:

Take 1 glass.
Add ice.
Pour in 1 oz (or more!) of rye.
Fill glass with Coke.


Pamela said...

Oh Sara, what an absolute nightmare of a day!!

Some days it's definately better not to get out of bed! Hope today is much MUCH better.

linda said...

Poor Sara...Sorry you had such a terrible day. I do like your recipe for dinner though!

SweetSarahJ said...

Ahh! What an awful day! At least today is Friday... hope you have a great weekend to make up for it!

Lea said...

That is definitely going on my list for MUSTS for dinner! ;-)

What a crap day!!

Jasmine said...

Hi Sara

I think there was something in the air up here because my week (actually two) was less than spectacular as well.

...four gas main cuts courtesy of the road repair crew don't have to go to HO, yes you do, no you don't, yes you do, no you don't (five hours driving to get there and back)
...silly girl at the hairdressers who can't read dates and sends me to my appointment a week early work(!)group for my course
...two power cuts web designer went MIA (resolved now)

Got any left over rye you can ship me?


Pamela said...

Hey Sara,
Hope you don't mind but I tagged you for this meme

Katy said...

wow. that sounds awful, but it does makes for a very funny post I really enjoyed reading it. Lovely dinner. I need some too. now.

Ruth said...

Poor Sara - hope the the weekend's going better.

jenjen said...

oh I'm so sorry you had an awful day. I guess we all have days like these when everything seems to go wrong.

Hope your car is going all right now : )

Nerissa said...

Don't those days suck? I can totally relate. Collectively stinky days BITE THE WEENIE!

Ivonne said...

I think you dealt with it in the only reasonable way a person could.

Repeat ... repeat ... repeat ...