Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cookbook Review: I Want My Dinner Now! by Renee Pottle

Time is a precious commodity. There never seems to be enough hours in the day for all we need to do. So when you come across a cookbook that offers you tasty meals that are quick to make, you've hit pay dirt my friend.

That's how I felt when I opened my copy of I Want My Dinner Now! by Renee Pottle. This cookbook offers over 80 recipes, basic cooking terms and information, and plenty of "Cooks Tips" to make your job even easier.

One of my favorite things about the book is the serving suggestions. With every recipe, Renee offers recommendations for side dishes. What a help that is. And because there are only 2 of us at home, it was nice to see that all the recipes had quantities for both 2 and 6 servings.

The book is divided into four sections: Fast and Simple, Toss It In The Oven, One Pot Meals, and Let's Use Those Appliances. The last category was my favorite. With a kitchen full of gadgets that seem to have limited uses, it's great to learn a new use for them and make these appliances earn their keep. It never would have occurred to me to cook fish in my rice cooker. What an amazing idea.

Scott and I enjoyed every recipe we tried in this book. His hands down favorite was Laurie's Thai Chicken. Made in the slow cooker, the chicken simmers away in a delicious sauce of salsa and peanut butter, among other things. I made enough food for 4 people and Scott ate every last bit of it. I can't name only one favorite recipe, but the Greek Frittata was close to the top of the list. Never having made a frittata before, I was shocked at how easy it is. The feta cheese and zucchini was a fantastic touch.

I would highly recommend this cookbook to any cook that needs some recipes for quick meals at the ready, whether it be on a daily basis or just from time to time. It's a great addition to my cookbook collection.

I Want My Dinner Now! Simple Meals for Busy Cooks written by Renee Pottle.
Published by Hestia's Hearth Publishing.

available through Hestia's Hearth Publishing,, and Barnes and Noble.

Recommended Recipes:
Fruity Chicken Salad
Greek Frittata
Stewed Garbanzos
Laurie's Thai Chicken
Chicken Bites and Sweet Potato Chips
Warm Nicoise Salad
Fish and Rice


Ivonne said...

I love love love love hearing about new cookbooks!

purplecupcake said...

I'm gonna check that one out..I love simple layman's term cookbooks!

Sara said...

I really really enjoyed this book. All the recipes were very tasty and quick.