Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Christmas in April Week

Friday was beautiful. 24'C. The sun beat through my office window all day long. My boss told us to leave early and enjoy the weather. I stopped by the liquor store and then went over to a friends house. We sat in her backyard, listening to Johnny Cash and Led Zepplin. (I know! She got them for her birthday.) Scott came over when he was done work, and we sat and talked and had pizza and beer. Great night.

Saturday I woke up to this:

Yeah, that's Calgary for you.

We've recovered, and might get to 16' today and we are supposed to get to 18 or 20 tomorrow.

So! Because of the snow, and the fact that I have drafts in blogger from the Christmas season that I never got around to posting, I hereby decree that this week is CHRISTMAS IN APRIL WEEK!

Hope you enjoy, and if you too have any Christmas pictures or posts you didn't do anything with in December or January, join in, put em up and let me know.

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Pamela said...

That happened to us in March, the weather here was beautiful and spring like and then it started snowing and didn't stop for over 24 hours.

We ended up with the heaviest snowfall in Basel since records began!!

Who says we don't feel the impact of global warming!