Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Drawer cleaning

Here is my utensil drawer. I hate this drawer because I can never find anything and usually get stabbed by something or other every time I reach in it. After cutting myself on a skewer I decided it was time for a cleaning. Here's some stuff I found.

Here's my flour sprinkler. You use this so you don't get your hands all covered in flour. I've had this for about 3 years and hadn't used it yet. I debated whether or not to keep it. I did and used it the very next day.

Who needs 3 graters? Two of them are almost identical! How did this happen?

Here's my ginger grater and some fake leaves. I bought the leaves to decorate a cheese plate and promptly forgot about them.

2 dough cutters. I didn't know I had 2. But! I found my bamboo tongs! I haven't seen them in a long time. I thought they had been thrown out accidentally. They are very handy for taking small things out of the oven and toast out of the toaster.

Mmmmmmm. Kooky. The one with the face is an egg separator. The other one is an egg cutter. It is very difficult to use and usually shatters the egg shell.

That's my crinkle cutter, for cutting veggies. There's Scott's oyster shucker. And on the end there is my knife sharpener. It was my grandmothers.

It's my tupperware onion keeper! I have not seen this since we moved almost two years ago!

Scott bought these salt and pepper shakers at a garage sale years ago. We have never used them, but he insists we will...someday. I will admit they are pretty cute.
So some stuff stayed, but a lot got the heave-ho. I now know what I have, and it is much easier to find things. 2006 is the year of organization for me, and I receommend a good cleaning for every kitchen drawer.


Pamela said...

At last, someone who has a kitchen drawer like mine, LOL!!

I can never find things in mine and also are constantly getting stabbed whilst hunting in it for utensils.

I should take inspiration from you Sara and clean it out next weekend.

Amanda & Debbie said...

We too have a kitchen drawer very much like yours. Maybe someone has a few ideas on how to organise it so things are easier to find?

Anonymous said...

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