Friday, January 13, 2006

A new way to cook chicken!

Here's an email I received this morning. Gullible me, I thought it was a real recipe at first!

Good Morning Ladies,

I was thinking I might try this with the turkey next Christmas, XXXX you may want to try this too. I think it may ease some of the Christmas cooking stress and also give everyone something else to talk about!!!!



>Here is a chicken recipe that also includes the use of popcorn as a
>stuffing - imagine that! When I found this recipe, I thought it was
>perfect for people like me, who just are not sure how to tell when
>poultry is thoroughly cooked, but not dried out. Give this a try.
>6-7 lb. baking chicken
>1 cup melted butter
>1 cup stuffing (Pepperidge Farm is good.)
>1 cup uncooked popcorn (ORVILLE REDENBACHERS LOW FAT)
>Salt/pepper to taste
> ______________________________
>Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush chicken well with melted butter,
>and pepper. Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. Place in baking
>the neck end toward the back of the oven. Listen for the popping
>When the chicken's ass blows the oven door open and the chicken flies
>across the room, it is done.
>And you thought I couldn't cook. HA!!!!!!


it's only fuel said...

hahaha! It had me going there for a minute!

Jennifer said...

It took me awhile, but I finally grasped the funny. *laugh*

Anonymous said...

That almost got me too. Pretty cute.

Culinarily Obsessed said...

lololol that's hilarious. I got that it was a joke when I saw the popcorn in the ingredient list...but I didn't expect the directions to end like that lol

C. Marie said...

Oh my God that is SO funny! I'm e-mailing it to my aunt who can't cook! :-)