Friday, June 24, 2005

Lunch at the Copper Chimney

My boss got a menu stuck in his door at home for the Copper Chimney restaurant. (240 Midpark Way SE, 201-7336.) It's East Indian cuisine and everyday but Monday they have a lunch buffet. (5th down) We made a reservation this morning, and headed out the door to be there for our noon reservation. The restaurant is located in a small, very quiet mall. Copper Chimney itself is quite small and had no customers when we arrived at 12:15. Not one. As we took our seats, we noticed a TV on the wall that showed a live picture of the kitchen and their tandoor oven. We watched the cook make our naan and cook it in the tandoor. They brought us out this naan that was so good - hot, a bit greasy, and soft on one side and crispy on the other. I ordered a lassi to drink and we headed up to the buffet. It's a small buffet, including salads and rice there was about 9 items. A green salad, a corn salad, rice, butter chicken , chicken kebob, a shrimp and veg, and 3 vegetable dishes, one was an amazing combination of green peas and cubes of cottage cheese in a sauce, and another was Allo Gobhi. Yum! My least favorite was the unnamed third vegetable dish; it was fine, it just didn't stand out as much as the others. With the naan and mango chutney and mint sauce on the side, the standouts were definitely the pea dish and the tender, flavorful chicken kabobs and the naan. Never in my life have I had such good bread. The buffet was $12.00 a person, a very reasonable deal, and we were glad to see more tables fill up soon after we started eating. I am definitely looking forward to my next visit soon.

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