Monday, June 20, 2005

I give up on Big T's BBQ

People, I tried. I really wanted to like Big T's. I absolutely love BBQ.

But after the 4th time there I've had enough.

The meat is good, needs some work on the smokiness, but it is tender and juicy. The side dishes for the most part, are good. The prices are not bad.

But I just can't take it anymore. The very bad beans served with almost every meal. The sauces are fairly bad and need a lot of work. The service is awful. I won't even go into detail about my last (and final!) visit. It's not worth it. Between the food and the hostile service (and I'm pretty sure that our server was one of the owners) I was embarrassed that I had suggested the place to my dining companions.

So until a new bbq restaurant pops up in town (not likely!), it's the backyard bbq for us from now on.

Too bad.

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Liz said...

Sara, I agree. I was so excited to see bbq here, but it's just not up to par. Some of the meat is good, but the chicken I had was terrible and you'd find better at the store. I guess that leaves driving to the Southern States the only option. :o)