Monday, January 03, 2005

The story of Christmas

Well, apart from the cold that my mom gave me and Scott, we had a great time. We were all thoroughly spoiled.

Did the crab cakes for dinner on Christmas Eve, along with some fresh Malpeque oysters for Scott and my dad. My parents brought some pate and a really good mango chipolte sauce. We put the sauce on pita crisps with some cream cheese.

Christmas morning, we had the breakfast rolls with fruit and yogurt.

Lunch we had snacks - more pita crisps, pate, antipasto, pepper jelly and cream cheese on crackers, and some really great sausage from Granville Island Market in Vancouver.

Dinner, we had turkey with all the trimmings. One problem - NO FRESH BRUSSEL SPROUTS! I went to all the stores in our area on Christmas Eve, and they were all out. We had frozen ones, but they were awful. Tortuga cake for dessert.

Boxing day breakfast- bagels and cream cheese, and used our new toaster.

Lunch - see lunch from yesterday, with the addition of some wild boar sausage that Spud got in his stocking from Granville.

Dinner - Tenderloin steaks (cooked on the new BBQ, which is mighty fine) with potatos, chop salad, and carrots. The last of the rum cake for dessert.

The next day - toast and fruit for breakfast.

Lunch - homemade french onion soup with brandy and toasted baguette.

Dinner - Hoisin Pork tenderloin (I'll post the recipe later) with asparagus and more chop salad. No dessert as we went out looking at Christmas lights and didn't get home until 8.

Nothing super after that until the New Year. We stayed home on new years eve. I was too sick to eat (ha!), but Scott had a feast of mussels steamed in beer, garlic and hot chiles. We had the chateaubriand (that we were supposed to have on the 31st) with bernaise sauce and potatos on the 2nd when I felt better.

Now that all the fun is over, it's time to give the bank account a rest, and clean out the pantry of all the chips, chocolate and the like. It's a new start.

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